“All we get are those bags of food


mighty Venezuelan oil industry has canada goose outlet fallen

LOS TAQUES, canada goose outlet nyc Venezuela There was a time when a job cheap Canada Goose at the Amuay refinery the crown jewel of Venezuela’s state owned oil company was a ticket to canada goose black friday sale the good life.

Petroleos de Venezuela, at its height, was the fifth largest oil company in the world. canada goose outlet store uk Salaries at the plant were high, benefits generous, and workers basked in the prestige of wearing the canada Canada Goose Jackets goose black friday sale uniform.

“Everyone wanted canada goose outlet new york city canada goose clearance to be here because it meant an excellent quality of life for their families,” said Emir Aguilar, who worked for years in the private sector before finally landing a job at the refinery in 2003.

Now the 68 year old refinery is in steep decline, a stunning piece of wreckage in Canada Goose Parka an economy destroyed by mismanagement and hyperinflation that have left 80 percent of Venezuela’s 32 million people in poverty, millions of them facing starvation.

A dozen junked cranes and other heavy equipment stand canada goose outlet toronto factory in disrepair. Empty oil barrels litter the passageways of the refinery. The air carries the toxic stench of spilled chemicals. The once manicured recreation areas of the adjacent employee apartments now are choked with weeds.

A job here no longer has much value. or elsewhere.

Aguilar is a process operator, helping monitor the refining process as crude oil moves through three distillers. Each morning, he canada goose outlet parka walks two miles to the plant a commute he once made on a company shuttle, before that benefit was discontinued. His shifts are eight hours, but he frequently works double that when other employees don’t show up.

His salary was once more than enough to take care of his wife and three children. canada Canada Goose Coats On Sale goose outlet uk But today, buy canada goose jacket massive inflation means his paycheck and benefits amounts to less than $4 a month, enough to buy about 2 pounds of beef and a dozen eggs.

To retain employees, the company has started handing out food once a month. Each worker with perfect attendance for the month gets Canada Goose Outlet a bag containing corn flour, beans, cooking oil, canada goose outlet store sugar and two goose outlet canada cans of tuna.

“We’ve lost all our contracted benefits, medical attention, the free cafeteria, transportation to work, even drinking water on the job site,” Aguilar said. “All we get are those bags of food.”

Now 43, he said he’s not sure how much longer he canada goose outlet sale will remain canada goose outlet at the refinery or even in Venezuela.

“I’m afraid that the only canada goose outlet shop option left to me will be to follow the same path that thousands of my fellow workers have taken,” he said.

His father had worked at the plant before him, and the job had been a childhood dream. Now Aguilar has taken to writing poetry to help “overcome the depression that I feel knowing my quality of life can never recover.”.

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